Fix the problem TODAY.

Managers frequently attempt to develop solutions and processes that can benefit groups outside of their domain. Wide-reaching organizational change is a great goal, but it can lead to a “scope panic” where nothing is accomplished.

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Smoldering Dev blog move

After several months of inactivity due to a combination of family and work responsibilities, I have decided to restart writing to this blog again.

My primary intent is to sharpen my own writing skills while sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned while leading software teams.

Along with the blog, I have decided to start actually using my dedicated twitter account for software development and product management related information. This way, I can write and follow professionally interesting people on one account without including my thoughts on family events or the Philadelphia Flyers…

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Cleaning my lawn after the storm

We had a pretty large storm in our area a few days ago, and our wooded yard was a disaster. There were at least 20 branches down too large for me to move by myself along with hundreds of several smaller ones. It ended up being a parody of project estimation mistakes.
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