Smoldering Development was created to share observations and experiences about software development management and technology issues.

I manage software development groups in the Philadelphia area. I have led and teams at organizations ranging from hierarchical conglomerates with rigidly defined processes, to small start-ups feeling their way through their first product. My experience is that even across diverse groups and industries, the issues we encounter are similar.

When writing about issues, I intend to make the posts anecdotal rather than instructional. Too often, advice from consultants, books or the internet asks you to tear down all processes and rebuild it in their perfect image. The reality is that most managers are unable to make radical changes to their global processes. Instead, I hope to present ideas that you can use in developing your own attainable improvement plans that fit your organization.

If an article in this blog has been helpful, harmful, or anything in between, I’d appreciate hearing about it. You can contact me at gannoc@gmail.com, LinkedIn, or @gannoc on Twitter.


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