New feature pitfalls

New features or products are exiting, and can get a disporpotionate amount of attention. Developers are often more engaged when tackling new concepts and code, while the account managers and sales teams are anxious to present the added value to the customer.

New features are wonderful, but can distract from more important updates.  A new feature is presented, and a flood of enhancement ideas rush in.  A common trap is when improvements on a new feature take priority over more important updates. Backlogs get re-prioritized to focus on enhancing a new feature that customers have barely seen without  considering of the value added to the product.

New features have the lowest amount of customer feedback or any demonstrated sales data. A development manager/product owner should consider postponing any updates on a finished, new feature for a few sprints. A month of reflection and additional customer feedback can radically change the direction of the new feature.

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